Coaching Skills for Leaders – Association for Coaching UK

Coaching Skills for Leaders – Association for Coaching UK

Duration : 2 days + 4-6 weeks practicum + 1 day

Upon completion, successful learners will be awarded TWO certifications from the UK Association for Coaching 

  • ‘Recognised Leader as Coach’ Award 
  • ‘Accredited Award in Coach Training’

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Alexander Associates brings a fresh approach to coach training that is practical, logical and immediately do-able.  The unique structure of our coach training programme reflects our philosophy that coaching is a habit of communication that can be developed and to become a competent coach, one needs to practice deliberately under the guidance of an experienced coach.  

It is commonly cited that it takes 10,000 hours to become a world class expert in a specialist field (Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers) but who has time for that?  However, Josh Kaufman in The Personal MBA, tells us that with intentional effort and determination, it only takes 20 hours of focused self-directed deliberate practice to learn anything, moving from “knowing nothing to being pretty good”. 

Developing a coaching habit in leaders produces positive systemic change within an organisation, creating a coaching culture. Leaders who coach motivate and inspire their staff to increase engagement and discretionary effort in both learning and doing. Motivated and engaged staff are creative, innovative and productive.

Who should take this course?

The programme is designed for team leaders, directors and executives who would like to enhance the productivity, creativity and engagement of the teams they manage. During the programme participants will gain the skills needed to use leadership coaching to boost bottom line results through training all leaders to coach their teams effectively.

Participants will learn the skills needed to create and develop a Coaching Culture within their organisation.


This programme takes a 3-in-1 approach that 

  • opens the minds of learners to learning why, what, how and when to coach, trains learners in essential skills and techniques in coaching specifically for enhanced performance in measurable ways across a wide range of KPIs – two-day classroom training;
  • allows learners to internalise and integrate what they have learned into their day-to-day communications at the workplace, and practise actual coaching sessions with their direct reports; and
  • requires learners to showcase their now personalised coaching style and competence in order to qualify for accreditation as a Coach recognised by the UK Association for Coaching – one day assessment and evaluation.


During the practicum, our highly experienced coaches may be engaged* to provide professional services in observation, supervision and feedback on learners’ progress. 

*at special coaching rates

Your organisation will have

  • trained leaders who can coach competently
  • enhanced management communication
  • motivated and positive staff engagement
  • powerful connections with millennials
  • empowered staff who exercise initiative
  • high individual and team performance
  • inspired exercise of discretionary effort 
  • higher staff retention 
  • early identification of emerging talent and high potential


By the end of the whole programme, learners will be able to

  • align coaching as leaders with the goals of the sponsoring organisation
  • identify when coaching is the appropriate support intervention
  • apply any or all of the eight practical coaching skills in a toolkit of core coaching skills 
  • structure effective coaching sessions using the LEDA Coaching System* framework
  • actively refer to the Code of Ethics and Core Competencies of the UK Association for Coaching

*proprietary framework integrating principles of lean management and agile practices coaching model.

Phase 1: Training Day 1 and Day 2

Participants will learn

  • the LEDA Coaching System of eight essential practical skills needed to coach their direct reports with confidence;
  • how to develop and foster a coaching culture within their organisation;
  • to hone their coaching skills through in situ practice which rewire their brains for forming the coaching habit; and
  • to adopt coaching as a communication mode to enhance leadership effectiveness. 

Phase 2: Practicum – 4-6 weeks of Coaching Practice

During the Practicum period, learners are expected to engage in prescribed learning activities and practise coaching at their workplace. This is designed to give them real-time opportunity to internalise and integrate the coaching skills taught earlier in the programme. 

Regular and deliberate coaching practice builds the coaching habit while self-directed learning through self-awareness and reflection corrects and sharpens coaching competence.


During Practicum, Alexander Associates offer professional coaching support services, upon request.  

Phase 3: Training Day 3

Post Practicum, learners are required to showcase their personal coaching style in compliance with the Coaching Core Competencies of the UK Association for Coaching, to qualify for accreditation as certified coaches.

Learners will also be taught advanced coaching techniques to further enhance their capabilities.

Module 1: Understanding the Fundamentals of Leadership Coaching

  • Defining ​what​ leadership coaching is
  • Identifying ​when ​it is the right intervention
  • Aligning leadership coaching with the goals of the sponsoring organisation
  • Learning to listen with intent

 Module 2: Coaching Models and the LEDA Coaching System

  • Using a coaching model as a framework for coaching conversations
  • Applying the LEDA Five-Step Coaching System
  • Developing questioning skills

Module 3: Creating a Positive Coaching Relationship

  • Using the preparation checklist before every session
  • Building positive rapport
  • Staying present and alert
  • Developing active listening skills

Module 4: Framing and Focusing the Coaching Session

  • The first coaching session
  • Framing and focusing
  • Discovering the current state
  • Identifying the target state
  • Developing pinpointing and scaling skills

Module 5: Creative Problem Solving

  • Raising awareness and increasing initiative
  • Promoting the power of self-discovery in problem-solving
  • Using brainstorming within a coaching context
  • Developing the skill of using silence

Module 6: Setting Targets & Coaching to Commitment

  • Setting achievable targets
  • Motivating action
  • Contracting
  • Recognising success
  • Reinforcing improvement
  • Creating accountability

Module 7: Chaining Skills to Engage Dynamic Action

  • Chaining multiple coaching skills
  • Coaching between sessions
  • Identifying the next level of challenge
  • Learning to hear what is not being said

Module 8: Improvement Through Reflective Practice

  • Developing reflective practice
  • Using feedback and feed-forward
  • Using the coaches continuous improvement checklist
  • Learning log review and planning
  • Setting next steps to embed and enhance coaching skills

Practicum – 4-6 weeks of coaching practice as described above

Module 9: Applied Coaching Review & Refinement

  • Learning from applied coaching experiences
  • Strategies to overcome leadership issues
  • The coach as challenger
  • Learning log review
  • Strengthening coaching communication and confidence

Module 10: Chaining Coaching Skill Pt. 2

  • Showcase coaching developments through practice
  • Supporting new strategy generation in problem-solving
  • Providing observational feedback and challenges to the client
  • Overcoming common coaching relationship challenges

Module 11: Harnessing the Power of Feedback and Self-Reflection

  • Measuring coaching effectiveness
  • Requesting constructive feedback
  • Developing reflective practice
  • Taking coaching skills to the next level

Module 12: Developing Partnerships With Sponsoring Organisations

  • Communicating effectively with the sponsoring client 
  • Gaining organisational support for further coaching 
  • Delivering measurable improvements for the organisation

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