LEDA Coaching System

Most of the work of the coach is to unlock the potential right there in front of them.
When you train leaders across an organisation to do that with their own teams, you see a new energy and level of achievement spreading with huge momentum.”  
Multi-Award-Winning Transformational Leadership Coach, Ashley Alexander from London, UK

The LEDA Coaching System has been designed to provide leaders at all levels within your organisation with the essential coaching skills they need to maximise the performance of their teams and to produce consistent, enhanced results.

The LEDA Coaching System can be learned quickly and implemented immediately by leaders to start getting new levels of commitment and results from their teams. 

What is the LEDA Coaching System?

LEDA is a 5-Step Coaching System that is rooted in the principles of Lean Management. The LEDA Coaching System is designed to maximise individual commitment and team effort by creating a positive, exciting working culture where every team member is constantly motivated to meet and exceed their targets.”

LEDA – Lean Engaging Dynamic Action

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