Coaching Skills Training

Coaching Skills for Leaders – British Certificated Practical Training 

Now you can enhance the skills and performance results of your leaders through our HRDF Claimable ‘Coaching Skills for Leaders’ training programmes.

Alexander Associates brings a fresh approach to coach training that is practical, logical and immediately do-able.  The unique structure of our coach training programme reflects our philosophy that coaching is a habit of communication that can be developed and to become a competent coach, one needs to practice deliberately under the guidance of an experienced coach.  

Who will benefit from this training?

These programmes are designed for executives, directors and team leaders who would like valuable new skills to enhance the productivity, creativity and engagement of the teams they manage.

During the programme participants will gain the skills needed to use leadership coaching as an efficient tool to enhance team performance in a way that boosts bottom line results through training all leaders to coach their teams effectively. 

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