Leadership Consulting

We provide high-end consultancy and training solutions for the key leadership challenges facing companies today in the fast-changing, digitally driven business environment.

Our primary focus is on developing a Coaching Culture with organisations, as a coaching approach to management has huge positive impact on every aspect of working relations from improving communication styles and staff engagement to retaining top talent and discovering new talent already existing within the company.

Alexander Associates are rooted in the Lean Management approach, meaning that we are results-driven, with our main aim being to deliver measurable positive outcomes in terms of efficiency and revenue to increase your bottom-line profits.

Our Associates bring a huge amount of international expertise and experience to meet your human capital development needs and deliver high-impact, measurable results. The team have worked with global brands across a wide range of sectors from banking and pharmaceutical to manufacturing and oil and gas.

Our leadership consultancy solutions include:

Digital Leadership – Expert consultancy in gaining and maintaining corporate vision through IR 4:0

Graduate Leadership – Practical training programmes to engage and inspire your millennial graduates, equipping them with the key business skills needed to maximise your organisation

Public Speaking for Leaders – Specialist training in the skills needed to engage and inspire an audience.

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