Leadership in the Digital Economy

Title: Leadership in the Digital Economy
Type: Public Course 
Duration: 2 + 4 weeks work-based practice + 1 day
Audience: Senior Management, Directors 

Leadership in the Digital Economy

The digital age creates both opportunities and challenges for every industry. Anytime-anywhere services, smart factories, robotic workforces, online sales; the possibilities are endless.

From an internal organisational perspective Digital Transformation is as much about people as it is about technology. It often involves a mindset change for both employees and management.

The key business questions that every organisation needs to address are:

  • What does digital mean for our business, how do we prioritise the initiatives?
  • How do we lead the transformation?
  • Which leadership style is most suitable to attract, motivate and retain digital talents?
In this workshop, we are going to address these challenges from a management perspective with practical solutions on: how to transcend with digital?


The key objectives of this British-Certified Digital Leadership Programme are:

  • Understanding digital opportunities for your business from a strategic business perspective
  • Developing a Digital Mindset across your organisation
  • Applying Change Management Best Practices for a successful transformation to a future-facing digitally driven economy

Digital Leadership Issues for 2021

  • How do we change our organisation and get our employees on board?
  • Which leadership style is most suitable to attract, motivate and retain digital talents?
  • How do we address employee anxiety about the job consequences of automation?
  • What can we learn from the successful start-ups and other disruptive digital companies within our sector and how do we apply these approaches in our own organisation?

Added value for participants

  • Improved team performance;
  • Effective Leadership skills;
  • Embrace a Digital Mindset;
  • Learn from experienced international training experts.

Workshop approach

  • Interactive workshops; facilitating discussions & present outcomes.
  • Work-based practice through the highly interactive LEDA Coaching App

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