Penjana Gerak Ihsan Gemilang (GIG)

Title: Penjana Gerak Ihsan Gemilang (GIG)
Type: Public Course
Duration: 5 days ( spread out over 4 weeks )
Audience: Malaysians who would like to become freelance leadership coaches

Penjana Gerak Ihsan Gemilang (GIG)

The Leadership Coaching Certificate Programme is designed to empower Malaysian freelance workers and contingent gig workers with the skills and credentials needed to become freelance leadership coaches. 

Leadership Development is a strong and growing market as companies recognise the need to maximise their staff engagement to productivity to increase bottom-line profitability. 

Creating a Win-Win for Malaysian Freelancers and Malaysian Businesses

This Penjana programme is designed to give you the specific skills, knowledge and professional credentials to become freelance leadership coaches and generate better income for themselves. By upgrading their skills freelancers will be able to command a higher daily rate as leadership development coaches. 

This training will also be of great benefit to Malaysian businesses by providing leadership coaches who are trained to focus on increasing specific and measurable business performance metrics.

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