Are you now facing new management challenges?

What challenges do you face when your team is working from home?

Is this you?
  • Now managing remote teams via Zoom, Skype, email and WhatsApp?
  • Not sure how best to fully engage staff to work productively due to WFH?
  • Needing to create new SOPs that change the way you and your team work?
If this is you, then you are not alone.
British Certificated Essential Leadership Training
Everyone in leadership, from Chief Executives to first-time Line Managers are facing the same daily challenges.
Practical help is available:
  1. There is a fast, simple solution that will give you the new management toolkit you need to survive and thrive as a manager in this New Normal
  2. Our British-certificated practical skills for Managing the New Normal is available 100% online
  3. To support leaders through these difficult times we are offering a total of 20 one-hour online coaching sessions for FREE 🙂


We encourage you to accept this as our gift and also as an expression of our confidence that coaching leaders is a low-cost, high impact way of unlocking the full potential of every single person within a team.

If you lead a team then please contact us directly to arrange a complimentary coaching session.


More information on our HRDF-Claimable programmes are available in the links below, depending on the sector you work within:

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